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Frequently Asked Questions

We have grouped together some of our most popular frequently asked questions below. 

Who is Solgar?

Solgar is the result of over 70 years of commitment to quality, health and well-being.  Our mission throughout the decades has remained the same: to create the finest nutritional supplements in small batches, made possible through tireless research, using on the finest raw materials.  When it comes to quality, Solgar is The Gold Standard. 

What is the Solgar Gold Standard? 

The Gold Standard is Solgar’s industry recognised approach to creating the finest nutritional supplements, and which we continuously push ourselves to achieve:

  1. Science backed formulas
  2. Responsibly sourced ingredients
  3. Avoiding the use of artificial ingredients or fillers
  4. Small batch, in-house manufacturing
  5. Highest quality standards: USP water filtration, HEPA Air Filtration
  6. Recyclable amber glass bottles
  7. Continual pursuit of bold innovation
  8. Creating what people need, not just what’s trending
  9. Commitment to the community through charity
  10. Accountability to our partners and to you

Where are Solgar vitamins and supplements made?

Solgar vitamins and supplements are made in the USA with select ingredients from around the world, by our people in our manufacturing facilities.  Believe it or not, for others, that’s rate.  We craft our products ourselves – in small batches, with only the best raw materials. 

We look to avoid artificial ingredients and unnecessary fillers, binders, or colourings.  Whenever possible, we make our products non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Kosher and Halal.  That’s the standard we hold ourselves to every day. 

What is Solgar’s commitment to the environment?

Caring for the environment has always been a central concern for Solgar. This is why we have been working with the Carbon Neutral Company since 2000 achieving Carbon Neutral status in 2010.  

Independently evaluated, Solgar has invested in a variety of projects, from the planting of native trees in long-term natural woodland to the installation of solar panels for communities in India that supplying heating and lighting, previously provided by kerosin lamps.  Projects also provide wider benefits in addition to carbon reduction, such as biodiversity, education, jobs, food security and health and wellbeing. 

What is the difference between VM-75 and VM-2000?

VM-75 is a suggested one a day multi built around a 75mg B Complex with smaller amounts of other nutrients. The VM-2000 is a suggested two a day, built around a 100mg B Complex and higher levels of other nutrients. 

What does an ‘extract’ mean?

It is more concentrated and takes more raw powder to make the same weight of material 

What is the difference between say a 5:1 extract and a standardised extracts

A 5:1 extract is where it takes literally 5 kilos of raw herb powder to make one of extract, regardless of any natural variations in the plants.  A standardised extract aims to provide the same amount of a particular active component in every bottle and every batch regardless of natural variations – so this might sometimes need different amounts of raw herb powder to achieve.  Standardised extracts are the type usually used in research. 

What is the difference between CoQ-10 (ubiquinone), Nutri Nano and Ubiquinol

The body converts ubiquinone into ubiquinol to use, but this may become less efficient with age (and some health conditions).  Nutri Nano is in effect partially converted, whilst Ubiquinol is in readily usable form 

What does sublingual mean?

Sublingual means under the tongue – if a B12 nugget is held under the tongue (or in the cheek) it is a small enough molecule to be absorbed through the oral membranes, straight into the blood stream 

Why is there no black pepper or lecithin in Full Spectrum Curcumin? 

Turmeric, and the active ingredient within it called Curcumin, is fat soluble and the gut is water based. The compound is carried in tiny micelles to ensure solubility of fat soluble nutrients into the aqueous GI tract 

Why is there no black pepper in Solgar’s Turmeric Root Extract?

Our supplement is very popular as a standalone compound, however, it is advised that the product be taken with food and in theory it may help to include pepper or fat in the meal. If you are specifically looking for an ‘enhanced’ supplement, we suggest the Full Spectrum Curcumin. 

How many capsules of Solgar Gentle Iron can I take instead of Ferrous Sulphate?

200mg of ferrous sulphate includes the elemental amount of iron and the sulphate portion.  The Gentle Iron is already listed in the elemental amount, 20mg (the bisglycinate portion is not listed),  Because the Gentle Iron bisglycinate is much better tolerated, research suggests that you can take less to obtain the same result. Certainly, we advise against taking the same elemental level of Iron in the bisglycinate form.  However, you must consult your doctor if you wish to exceed suggested bottle dosage.

Is Solgar Vitamin E Soy free?

Certain allergens including soy must be stated on the label in bold. Our vitamin E products are derived from soy-bean oil.  Because the oil does not contain soy protein (the allergen), we do not have to label it as such, however, because the product is derived from soy, we cannot label it soy free. 

Is Solgar 7 vegetarian?

No, the collagen ingredient is derived from chicken.  All products are labelled as vegetarian or vegan if appropriate (no description means the supplement is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians). 

Can Ginger Root be taken in pregnancy?

Whilst ginger is traditionally used in pregnancy, you must check with your doctor about taking a supplement. 

Is Solgar’s Green Tea extract decaffeinated?

No, it contains caffeine. 

Why are some of Solgar’s tablets larger than others?

The more absorbable forms of minerals are physically larger.  For example, Calcium carbonate powder would be a smaller pile than the same amount of calcium malate or citrate. In addition, we do not compact the tablets so tightly that they are difficult to break down in the stomach. 

Do Solgar do a vegetarian omega-3

No, all our omega 3 sources are in beef gelatin softgels, including the flax oil. 

Is the Solgar Vitamin C fat soluble?

No, but the Ester-C we use in many of our Solgar products is the nearest as the metabolites in the material help the vitamin stay longer in the body. 

Does Acidophilus need to be kept in the fridge?

It is stable at normal room temperature, but refrigeration does help further preserve the microorganisms. 

What does no-flush Niacin mean?

The niacin is bound with inositol which allows it to be released more slowly to avoid the flush. 

Can I take Acidophilus with me if I travel to a hot country?

If you can insulate the bottle, perhaps with bubble-wrap and/or layers of clothes, this will help keep the microorganisms alive – as long as some are left alive, it will still be supportive. 

Are Digestive Enzyme tablets chewable or crushable?

No – they contain acid which could damage teeth and oral membranes. 

Is your Alpha Lipoic in the R or the S form?

It is a 50:50 racemic mix, which has been used in the majority of the research so far. 

Can Lactase 3000 be taken by children?

They are designed for adults, but provided a doctor is consulted it is possible for a child to take them. 

Are sharks killed for Shark cartilage?

No, we use the by-product from the food industry and would otherwise not carry the supplement. 

What is the difference between Chinese Astragalus and Astragalus root extract.

Both are Astragalus membranaceusbut the Chinese Astragalus product contains a basic 2:1 extract and the Astragalus Root Extract is a stronger extract (generally a 10:1 ratio). 

DoesDeglycyrrhised Licorice Root Extract affect my potassium levels?

Glycyrrhizin in high amounts may affect potassium levels, however, the compound is largely removed in this supplement, so should not be an issue at the suggested dosage.