Men's Health

Our Men's Health range provides nutritional support for men's busy lifestyles, giving their key areas of health a little helping hand to support everyday wellbeing.

Most men know about the general rules for healthy living: eat healthy, exercise, get lots of sleep and water, etc. But when you go a step further and look at health on a micronutrient level, it can be overwhelming. Which vitamins and nutrients are the most important for men? And can you get them all from your diet, or should you be taking supplements as well?

Vitamin D, B-vitamins, CoQ-10, zinc, and curcumin are all essential vitamins and nutrients that play important roles in men’s health.

Men's Health

Not sure where to start with Men's Health? Try one of these 3 options.


Male Multiple Multivitamin Tablets

Advanced Phytonutrient formula

Multiple vitamin, mineral formula for men

Free from sugar, suitable for Vegan, Vegetarian and Kosher

Increases overall energy


Gold Specifics Prostate Support Vegetable Capsules - Pack of 60

Advanced phytonutrient and mineral formula

Protects cells from oxidative stress

Supports reproductive system

Vegan, Vegetarian