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Jo Hemmings

Behavioural and Media Psychologist, Dating and Relationship Coach, Author, TV and Radio Broadcaster and Public Speaker

Jo Hemmings is a Behavioural Psychologist and a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) and the Association of Clinical Psychologists (ACP-UK). She is also an Accredited and Organisational Coach with the Association of Coaching (AOC). 

She specialises in media and news analysis as well as being a dating and relationship coach and TV and radio personality. She was voted Dating Expert of the Year at the last UK Dating Awards in 2016. 
With a degree from the University of Warwick and further training at the University of London, Jo is the UK’s best known and respected Behavioural Psychologists and was the UK’s first Dating Coach.  She runs a private counselling and coaching practice in London.
Jo is the Consultant Psychologist on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Lorraine and Tonight as well as C4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch. She regularly appears on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky News, including shows such as Good Morning Britain, This Morning and a number of royal documentaries. She also helps behind the scenes on reality, documentary and news shows, in the contestant selection process, by giving psychological advice, assessment and Duty of Care to reality TV producers and contestants before and during the selection procedure and throughout the filiming and TX as well as providing participant aftercare.
With the explosion in reality TV series, factual entertainment shows and documentaries on a plethora of channels available on our screens more people than ever before are being thrust into the limelight, Jo is in demand as a ‘Duty of Care’ Psychologist working as a key member of any production team.
Psychological screening is now a regular part of the audition process.  This ensures the participants are psychologically robust and stable enough to take part, or in certain situations continue, in reality or entertainment shows is the essence of Duty of Care.  Jo has provided this service for a number of production companies, news and TV channels, including Endemol, TLC, RDF, Sky TV, Britain’s Got Talent, X Factor and all the terrestrial TV channels.  Recent TV shows include BBC’s Love in the Countryside series and Young Chorister of the Year and the Back in Time series and C5’s 22 Children and Counting about The Radfords, Britains biggest family. She has full professional indemnity and public liability insurance and holds a current Enhanced DBS Certificate, issued by the NHS to work with adults and children in any mental health capacity.

She is asked for her psychological observations on newsworthy topics on the radio, on a daily basis and can be heard each week on many radio stations including BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Five Live, LBC, Talk Radio, Times Radio, BBC Radio Scotland and many regional BBC stations.


Jo is the author of several successful books on psychology and relationships, writes regularly for magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Grazia and Fabulous. She is the resident Psychologist and Relationship Expert for Platinum Magazine.  She regularly comments and contributes to articles for most of the national press, including The Guardian, The Sunday Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Times, The Telegraph and The Sun as a psychologist. With over 30.000 Twitter followers, from all over the world, Jo also publicises her media work effectively and quickly.  Jo is currently ranked at number 2 in the UK, and number 17 in the world, in the 30 most prominent psychologists on twitter by  Follow Jo on @TVPsychologist.


Jo’s latest book How Psychology Works (Dorling Kindersley 2018) was published to international acclaim.


She has a passion for encouraging psychology students to go into media psychology and has given well-received talks on the subject to many universities including Warwick, Trinity College, Dublin and Birkbeck College.

If a celebrity, sports or reality TV star has personal or professional concerns, or is simply behaving in an uncharacteristic or newsworthy way, Jo can provide immediate, expert and informed psychological comment, body language analysis and advice – whether for PR companies, magazines, the national press, radio or TV production companies, news and shows.


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