It's like a taste of pure joy-Q&A with Wild Water Swimmer Louise Edmunds

Q&A with Wild Water Swimmer Louise Edmunds

Wild Water Swimmer Louise Edmunds has been taking Solgar for over 30 years. We spent a day with Louise to discover the importance of Solgar Vitamins in her daily routine...

How did you get into wild water swimming?

I remember as a child, I would love swimming. You’d always get me swimming in cold water. About four years ago, I’d started doing more swimming at the pool because I had some problems with my hips so my exercise options were kind of narrowing down, but didn’t enjoy being confined to a lane. A really good friend of mine who’s always swam in the sea was trying to encourage me to join her, so I did, I think it was about May time, and it was just the most incredible experience. I was utterly hooked. After that, I just didn’t want to get out of the water.

What do you get out of wild water swimming?

I absolutely love it. It’s the most amazing feeling, especially if you’re not in a wetsuit. When it’s warm enough to swim in a swimming costume, there’s something about cold water on your body. It’s like a taste of pure joy.

What’s your favourite aspect of wild water swimming?

I love having a sport where there is a little more to it. You have to understand nature, you have to know what the tide’s doing, you have to think about the wind, you have to think about the sea life. The more swimming I’ve done throughout the year, you begin to understand how your body adapts to cold water, what’s safe, what’s not safe.

How important is eating healthily, naturally and organically to you?

Hugely important. I think it’s the absolute building block of everything. We live in a fairly polluted world and eating as healthily as we possibly can is so important. Of course, I supplement with vitamins and supplements because unfortunately the soil these days is depleted but actually, I really make a huge effort to be thoughtful about what I’m eating.

Do Solgar's naturally derived ingredients appeal to you?

Oh, absolutely. My understanding about Solgar is that they’re really careful with their raw ingredients, which is one of the reasons I’m so drawn to them. So yes, when I’m so careful about what I eat, why would I want a multivitamin or a supplement that’s got anything in it I’d have concerns about? The quality of their raw ingredients is hugely important to me, and I really trust them.

Which Solgar products do you take?

I’ve been taking Solgar vitamins for years and I started by taking: 

  •  Solgar Multivitamin after visiting a shop that I knew would only sell quality products. 
  • Solgar also do a really good children’s multivitamin, so my children took those too. 

Then at different times when I got to know more about different vitamins and minerals and got some advice from a nutritionist, I built more into my regime. I now take:


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*Global Praxis online shopper survey 2017, which included 3,882 VMS consumers.