Introducing Solgar® MenoPrime

November 26, 2021 2 min read

Supporting women’s needs has never been easier, with Solgar® MenoPrime providing two scientifically studied botanical extracts, shown to support body and mind in women aged 45+.

Ideal for women aged 45+ wanting to manage their change, their way 

Solgar MenoPrime Tablets

The science behind SOLGAR® MenoPrime ingredients:

Uniquely formulated with two trademarked and scientifically studied ingredients 

Siberian Rhubarb ERr-731®
Commonly the rhubarb stalk is a culinary ingredient, but may be used along with the rhizome and root in extracts. Siberian rhubarb (ERr-731®) is a scientifically studied root extract standardised for both bioactives –  rhaptonticin and desoxyrhaptonticin. 
Studies suggest that Siberian Rhubarb ERr-731® is able to manage the most common menopausal symptoms measured by the Menopause Rating Scale II (MRS).

affron® Saffron

Grown on the fertile La Mancha plateau in central Spain, affron® is the first saffron extract standardised for lepticrosalides – saffron’s three most important bioactives, namely crocin, picrocrocin and safranal.
Most recently a team of Australian researchers has confirmed that a affron® Saffron may improve psychological wellbeing in perimenopausal women in a parallel-group, randomised and placebo-controlled trail

MenoPrime Tablets

Why choose SOLGAR® MenoPrime?  

  • Only Solgar® MenoPrime combines the scientifically studied ingredients Siberian Rhubarb (ERr-731®) and affron® Saffron 
  •  Uniquely designed to support you during your change of life 
  •    Plant-based, hormone free support for women 45+ 
  •   No soya, dairy or gluten

SOLGAR® MenoPrime works well with: 

SOLGAR® Ultimate Bone Support
 Is expertly formulated to provide 7 key bone-supporting nutrients including calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. Maintaining bone health is particularly important as women get older. This formation is suitable for vegans. 

SOLGAR® Triple Strength Omega-3
 Is our highest concentration of Omega-3; the good fat that supports a healthy heart, eyes and brain. It is molecularly distilled and made from small fish.

SOLGAR® Brain Works with Full Spectrum Curcumin and BacoMind
Is designed for mind and memory.6 Carefully bringing together the power of traditional botanicals and scientifically studied ingredients in this unique vegan formulation.

SOLGAR® Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Complex
Is our unique beauty formula designed to nourish skin from within. It includes the scientifically studied ingredient BioCell Collagen®, a unique and highly absorbable form of collagen. BioCell collagen is scientifically shown to support skin structure and elasticity and reduces fine line and wrinkles.

MenoPrime Tablets
Shop MenoPrime Tablets

Food supplements should not be used instead of a varied balanced diet & healthy lifestyle

ERr 731® is a registered trademark of Health Research Services GMBH
affron® is a trademark owned by Pharmactive Biotech Products, SL

For references, click here.

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