ABC, but don't forget Vitamin D

ABC, but don't forget Vitamin D Blog post

Why is the 'sunshine vitamin' so important for our daily wellbeing?

Experts have recommended for a number of years now that, as well as the popular winter vitamin – Vitamin C, everyone can benefit from taking a Vitamin D supplement. This is based on recent research that this important nutrient has a number of key benefits, including its role in supporting the immune system.

Our bodies make Vitamin D in response to the sun’s rays on our skin. During the summer months, we generally see an increase in the body’s Vitamin D levels as it is produced when the skin is exposed to lots of sunshine. 

         The sunshine vitamin

During autumn and winter months, particularly November through to February, we are unable to manufacture Vitamin D from the sun in the United Kingdom. This is due to the line of latitude the UK is positioned on. Other countries with similar latitudes, such as the Netherlands and Denmark, have the same concerns. 

Vitamin D is important for healthy bones and teeth as it helps the absorption of calcium from the foods we eat. Some researchers have suggested that additional Vitamin D3 supports the body’s natural immune defences.

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