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June 08, 2021 2 min read



Brinn Bevan is an extremely talented gymnast who made his Olympic debut at Rio 2016.

Starting his Gymnastics at the young age of 3, Brinn quickly excelled in the sport and only 2 years later joined the development squad at South Essex Gym Club.

At the 2012 & 2014 European Championships, Brinn was a part of the GB team that took home gold.

He made history by helping Team GB claim gold at the 2013 European Youth Olympic Festival in Holland, won pommel horse bronze at the 2015 European Games and then helped Great Britain record a historic silver medal at the World Championships later that year.

“I’m really excited to join team Solgar! As a Gymnast nutrition is probably the biggest priority in order to achieve optimum training and performance both to fuel the gruelling sessions and to recover from them! I train 6 days per week, and up to 6 hours per day. This makes it really hard to get in the correct vitamins and minerals consistently, so Solgar supplements have taken an important role in nutritional consumption especially when travelling the world! Solgar comes everywhere with me!”




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Brinn Bevan - British Gymnastics

Learn more about Brinn

Read the British Gymnastics' website to learn more about Brinn's career history, achievements, training and goals.

Brinn Bevan & Solgar on Instagram

Brinn Bevan & Solgar on Instagram

Read about Brinn's partnership with Solgar and a little more about the history and achievements of his Gymnastics career.

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